Deuce and a half rims

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M35A2 deuce and a half hauling dirt

Denman M35A2 2. Up for auction are 6 assorted military truck tires and 4 rims for the M35A2, Deuce and a Half military truck. These are the T-HawkDenman and Armstrong tires, 4 of which are mounted on rims and 2 spares as pictured. These tires are in good condition as pictured and have a lot of tread and do not seem dry rotted. These were purchased from a local municipality which were stored inside.

The last 3 months have been stored under my deck and not going to be used for the intended project I had in mind.

deuce and a half rims

These are available for local pickup and shipping may be available through Fastenal 3rd party shipping service when it becomes available after this COVID shutdown but would be entirely the buyers cost, would need to be picked up at your local store during normal business hours and there would be no returns and sold AS PICTURED.

Please message me for a quote and still have a few pictures more than I could not upload and can send them as well. For shipping I would include a pallet and ratchet straps and drop off at local store included in the auction price. Please ask any questions prior to bidding and please bid accordingly. This can be inspected or tested by appointment in Aston Pa, approx 10 minutes south of Philadelphia International Airport.

Thank you!Over time it evolved into a family of specialized vehicles. This original 6-wheel M34 version with a single wheel tandem was quickly superseded by the wheel M35 design with a dual tandem. Trucks in this weight class are considered medium duty by the military and the Department of Transportation. The standard wheelbase cargo bed is 8 feet wide by 12 feet long 2.

The M35A2 was available with a canvas soft top or a metal hard top. Metal hard-top configurations are most often found on vehicles that have been equipped with cold-weather gear, including additional insulation in the cab, as well as engine coolant or multifuel-fired cab personnel heaters. The 6-wheel M34 had a single-wheel tandem and used x20 size tires, which required a wheel well in the cargo bed, while the wheel M35 had a dual-wheel tandem and used smaller x20 tires, which did not require a wheel well.

It is an in-line, cubic-inch 7. This is coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission and divorced 2-speed transfer case either a sprag -operated transfer case Rockwell or air-operated selectable transfer case Rockwell Multifuel engines are designed to operate reliably on a wide variety of fuels, including diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, heating oil or gasoline.

Gasoline may be used only in an emergency because it does not properly lubricate the injector pump. While using gasoline, common practice calls for the addition of at least 1 U. Although the A2 version is the most common, there are four different iterations: Standard, A1, A2, and A3. These changes mainly had to do with the engine and transmission components. Some had 4-speed transmissions but most had "direct 5th" transmissions. The gasoline-powered deuces were built primarily by REO Motors, however, Studebaker also had a manufacturing contract from at least into the early s.

Curtis-Wright also had a contract in at least to build dump trucks with the Continental gas engine. The A1's had Continental LDS turbo engines, equipped with either a model Schwitzer turbo or a 4DC Schwitzer turbo on later models, and 5th gear was an overdrive. Through the years the trucks were upgraded to LD c engines, with 60Amp alternator instead of the 25Amp generator.

With the addition of a turbochargerthe engine evolved into the LDT c turbo clean air. The turbo was added more to clean up the black exhaust on the Non Turbo engines, than to add power; the HP was raised from to only HP. Usually, A3 vehicles have a Caterpillar Diesel engine and had their manual transmissions replaced with automatic ones, as well as receiving numerous other improvements with a redesigned frontal appearance. No new A3 standard-transmission vehicles were produced, all vehicles being upgraded from previous configurations during the rebuild process.

The exception is some MA3 shop vans. A small number of MA3s were upgraded to A4 specifications using the M35A3 upgrade parts and procedures. It is common, however, to find rebuilds of former gas-powered REO and Studebaker models having A1 and A2 multifuel configurations. Brake system is air-assisted-hydraulic six wheel drum brakes with a driveline parking brakealthough gladhands exist on the rear of the vehicle for connection to trailers with full air service and emergency brakes.

Braking performance of the truck is similar to other power drum brake vehicles of this size. The electrical system is 24 voltusing two 12 volt 6TL-series military grade batteries run in series.

The M35 would not completely replace the M family until the middle of the s. However, the M35 would quickly become the dominant truck in its class in the U. Army due to its fording ability. But the name was never popular and forgotten in a few years. However, many United States National Guard and Reserve units continued to use them as the new family of vehicles was phased in.

M35 series vehicles were known to be in use by National Guard units as late as the mids. In order to replace its s vintage fleet of Min the Canadian Army adopted licensed versions of the M35 and M36 variant built in Canada by Bombardier.Deuce and 5-Ton Military Truck Parts for sale. Jeep parts and many more. Belts and Pulleys for Military Trucks and Vehicles.

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deuce and a half rims

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deuce and a half rims

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Putting larger tires on the deuce using stock rims Thread starter Norsemen Start date Apr 8, Norsemen New member. My plan is to install a set of Marlboro New member. No, They will not clear on the back tandems, even bobbed you should have a little lift. Lots of posts on bigger tires on deuce's, Even one where a gentleman spread his back axles to fit Jimma Active member. I recently had a local tire dealer mount my 's on stock rims and it works.M35 "deuce and a half" army trucks are surprisingly easy to come by.

If you can't find one rotting in some farmer's field, there are always a handful selling cheap at auctions.

deuce and a half rims

But I've never seen one re-imagined as beautifully as this. This particular M35A2 was just for sale near Detroit. It's powered by a Hercules LDT ci multi-fuel turbo diesel that the seller said "would run on any flammable liquid.

The truck stands "less than 9' tall, about 23' long with a wheel base of 15' and a width of 87 inches. That 8x7 foot bed is actually a dump box, lifted by two hydraulic cylinders and a 12 volt hydraulic pump located in the side compartment. The winch hanging off the front bumper is rated to 10 tons. The cab is almost completely custom fabricated, Rhino-liner'd, and packed with "about 1" of sound insulation.

And those rear-wheels aren't pointed off-center by accident; the truck has a four-wheel steering system to make this monster way more maneuverable. We couldn't learn much more from the truck's Craigslist ad, but it sure is something spectacular to look at. If you just bought this truck or decided not to sell it after realizing how awesome it is drop us a line to tell us more about it!

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The A. Truck Yeah. Filed to: Restomod. Truck Yeah The trucks are good!

M35 series 2½-ton 6x6 cargo truck

Prev Next View All. HP Spectre x 2-in-1 Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.Originally, five different designs were standardized by the U.

In addition to the 6x6 trucks, a significant minority of these trucks were also built minus the front-wheel drive, as 6x4 trucks. First fielded in the s, the M35 family became one of the most successful and long-lived series of trucks ever deployed by the U.

They served in Vietnam and continued to serve with various modifications into the late s. Inthe U. Of the almost 2. The front axle was typically disenganged on smooth highways, where these 'workhorses' often carried loads much above their rated capacity. Dump, semi-tractor, tanker, and other bodies were also planned.

Putting larger tires on the deuce using stock rims...

REO built the Studebaker design. In the late s the military needed a new standard truck. The REO design was standardized for all services as the M35, and continued standard until By there were over 20 standardized bodies, and many more special modifications.

Louis plant in In Yellow was renamed G. Production ended in To conserve steel, later cargo bodies were built largely of wood. The C. The majority were exported Lend-Lease to the Soviet Union. Early trucks used a commercial style closed cab, in December an open military style cab entered production. The Soviet Union preferred the closed cabs for their extreme weather, so in March the open cabs were discontinued, after only about 10, were built.

The Studebakers were very successful in the Soviet Union, where they carried large loads on poor roads in extreme weather. The International design began production at Ft.

Wayne, Indianain The design then was upgraded, with a larger engine, tires, military open cab, and other improvements, and standardized as the M-5H-6 for the US Navy and Marines. More than 30, of all models were built between The M35 has had the widest range of bodies of any US truck.

First built with a gasoline engine, in the multi-fuel became standard. In existing M35s began to be upgraded with diesel engines and automatic transmissions. Canadian trucks had automatic transmissions as built.

The M was identical except it had a dual-wheel tandem and smaller x20 tires.Visa and Master Card accepted. Purchases may be taxable. Idaho Title, Ready to Go. Captured Kids not Included.

Ready To Go! Just needs Paint, Idaho Road Title. Features Cup Holders and Tented Windows. Some Civilian Upgrades.


Dynaweld MA2 Trailers to Several to Choose From. Ma3 1 Ton Military Trailers Have a few in stock, in decent condition. Price on Request POR. Inquire on Availability and Price. Why is cutting a frame a bad thing? Frames are heat treated to provide additional strength.

Cutting destroys the heat treating process. If your air warning is not working, this is what you need!!

This Restomod Army Truck Is The Cleanest And Coolest 'Deuce And A Half'

Limited Availability, price includes delivery. Delivered Continental US. Local Pickup only. We cannot ship this. Way too labor expensive to crate it up, plus shipping via truck will also cost a bunch. We always try to select a photo which best fits the condition or description of the item for sale. We do not charge any type of service fee or interest while its on hold.

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