Mossberg 590a1 breacher barrel

This means no NFA paperwork or stamp.

mossberg 590a1 breacher barrel

I decided the gun needed new sights, a choke tube and an improved safety. This is the gun from the factory; a pretty slick little package, but you can always do better. Spoiler alert, the next picture shows the finished project…. Here it is after I worked it over.

The contents of Rifleshooter. Any modifications made to a firearm should be made by a licensed gunsmith. Failure to do so may void warranties and result in an unsafe firearm and may cause injury or death. Modifications to a firearm may result in personal injury or death, cause the firearm to not function properly, or malfunction, and cause the firearm to become unsafe. I ordered the following tools and parts from Brownells for this project:.

I began by working on the barrel. I like the utility of an interchangeable choke tube system in a shotgun and figured that utility would carry over to this 12 gauge firearm.

Before installing tubes, the barrel needs to be assessed to see if it will work, and in this case it will. Unlike thethe has thick barrel walls that machine well for choke tubes. For a more detailed description of what you need to look for when assessing a barrel for choke tube installation, take a look here. I begin by removing the barrel and wrapping the shank in some tape so I can mount it in the lathe without marking it up too badly.

Since I am using a four-jaw chuck, I need to dial in the bore on the lathe.

Mossberg Shockwave: Short-Barreled Fun Without the NFA Hassle

To do this I use a dial indicator in a holder. Next I run a Remchoke reamer into the bore. I use Remchoke reamers on all my guns for the sake of compatibility, switching choke systems would simply mean switching the reamer and tap.

I use plenty of oil and a spindle speed of 70 RPM. When the edge of the reamer contacts the muzzle the barrel can be removed from the lathe. The choke tube system now requires threads.

I use a Manson Remchoke tap. This has a similar pilot to the reamer. Simply coat it in oil and turn it in with a large tap handle. In many ways, this is the most fun part of the job. We figured this was due to Mossberg simply threading the bead into the barrel whereas the Remington TAC had a bead base set up.

There are a number of different sighting system that would correct this.Estimated shipping times are posted on the product information page under the title "Ships On Or Before:" please note that all lead-times are estimates. For items in our warehouse, we usually ship within 3 business days. For items only available at distribution or other sources, the ship time may be up to 10 business days.

mossberg 590a1 breacher barrel

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mossberg 590a1 breacher barrel

For details, see our Lifetime Warranty Policy. Those who prefer a pump gun can specify either open rifle sights or click adjustable ghost-ring sights for this all-business defense tool.

A magazine cut-off button in the fore-end allows the chamber Dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars and an anti-jam elevator ensure smooth operation.

Heavy-walled barrel. Cylinder bore choke. Convenient clean-out tube magazine cap Metal trigger Now the same Benelli M4 used by the U. Marine Corps can be your home defense shotgun of choice. When the U.

BREACHING BEAST – AIMPRO TAC 12 ULTIMATE | Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun Review

Theguage Master key can be mounted under standard rifles as a breaching tool when used with special breeching ammo. The system consists of a Compact Cruiser. Plain bead sight. ATI Scorpion grip. Folding vertical handle grip with strap. Pistol grip only. Cylinder bore. Parkerized finish.Factory installed front sight with white bead. Fits Mossberg shotgun, 12 gauge only. Not threaded for choke tubes. Please enter your email address and quantity below and we will send you an alert when the item becomes available.

Please note that alerted inventory is on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like a copy of the chat transcript please click "Send Transcript" below. Hello, to begin a chat session with a customer service representative, complete the fields below and click Chat. Live Chat Live Chat. Facebook Instagram. Create an Account Login Create an Account. Cart 0. Schematic ID Number. Click here for price! Back Order Backorder, See Associate.

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Email Please enter your email. Question Please enter your question.Mossberg Shotgun Owners Manual. This Puncher is machined from T6 aluminum, and as such, machining marks may be present on some items. It is anodized flat black and branded. A quick swipe with a black permanent ink pen will camouflage the etching if you so desire. Each unit will come with all assembly hardware, including a 1. All you'll need is a phillips screwdriver. OAL of 5. To determine your actual working standoff length, measure from the base of your mag tube cap to your muzzle, and subtract that dimension from 5.

Major O. This is an extremely cost effective and versatile option you can easily add to your shotgun. We encourage you to check our feedback, and ask any questions you might have. I emailed and said I have the pardner pump clone and would this fit, they said no but the CXL will fit if you take off the sling mount off my end cap OR order an end cap for the A few days later I get TWO packages, one with the end cap they recommended, and the second one containing the breech itself.

To me, little things like this make a difference. Will Definitely order again!! Dimensions are approximate. Free shipping to the continental U. Please see our other listings for more HFD2 options. They will be answered ASAP. This in no way detracts from its designed purpose or overall appearance.Precision tactical rifles dominate the market, leaving shotguns, the proverbial blunt instruments, marginalized as low tech.

Yet close-quarters battle often requires more versatility than a rifle or carbine can provide. Two examples come to mind when considering the advantages of using a shotgun for CQB situations. While a rifle or carbine will kill hostiles, full-metal-jacket FMJ projectiles can overpenetrate and kill or wound noncombatants. One such breaching device is the Dragon, made by Aimpro Tactical. Like a choke, the serrated device screws into the muzzle.

But Aimpro Tactical can do more than just make muzzle devices. The company improves factory firearms using expert gunsmithing techniques and by adding performance-enhancing upgrades to proven systems.

Developing new products and finding engineering improvements motivates Shain to build guns like the Ultimate A1. This combination is pretty rare on a traditional shotgun, but the Ultimate is anything but traditional.

Starting with a plain-Jane, Each component goes through a parts washer for degreasing. From there, a 3-inch length of mil-spec Picatinny rail—machined from solid bar stock with the proper elevation for the co-witness sight package—is brazed onto the barrel using a custom-made appliance to ensure precise alignment of the front and rear rails.

The shotgun is assembled, function checked and test-fired to assure its absolute reliability. The result is a smooth action and excellent downrange performance with slugs and buckshot—something Aimpro has developed a reputation for within tactical shotgun circles. Each shotgun receives the best mission-specific accessories available: a Mesa Tactical Enidine recoil-reducing adjustable stock and a Falcon Industries Ergo tri-rail forend with low-profile rail covers. Magna-porting the barrel is also an Aimpro option.

Valuable additions would be a white light mounted on the full-length rail forend, plus a sling. An extra-long receiver rail designed to match up with the proprietary front-sight rail enables the co-witness system to accept any standard-elevation co-witness sight package.

Elevation was 8, feet with no measurable wind. Muzzle rise was negligible, and it was quick and easy to find a proper cheekweld thanks to the elevated cheekpiece on the buttstock. The pistol grip and vertical foregrip arrangement had a natural feel. Cycling the slide was a bit different than with a typical pump action, but it was effortless thanks to the Aimpro action work, the grippy feel of the SOG Graphite foregrip and the Hogue M4 pistol grip that comes standard with the Mesa Tactical stock adapter.

The gun functioned flawlessly throughout testing. MacDougald is a Vietnam veteran and former Soldier of Fortune staffer. For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data as defined in the Privacy Policy for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter.Short-barreled shotguns look serious and intimidating.

So, while a stubby scattergun is appealing to many shooters for defense work, their appeal is somewhat limited due to the additional cost and paperwork that has always gone along with them.

But what if you could legally get a similar class of weapon without all of the extra cost and paperwork? But as it turned out, I was only partially correct.

I quickly realized what I was looking at. I had actually talked to a Mossberg rep last year about building a gun like this.

Then we have the AOW category. An AOW is a weapon or device capable of being concealed on the person from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive. Included in this definition are pistols and revolvers having smoothbore barrels designed or redesigned to fire a fixed shotgun shell. This basically includes factory-made guns that were never intended to be shoulder fired, under 26 inches in overall length, with smoothbore barrels. Confused yet? So, all of the aforementioned firearms are all regulated under the NFA.

It can be bought over the counter on a Form by anyone 18 years of age or older barring any state laws that might be more restrictive. Still confused? Just roll with it. It features twin action bars and a ribbed, polymer forend with a hand strap to keep your support hand away from the stubby muzzle during recoil.

An ambidextrous top-mounted safety makes the gun lefty friendly, and dual extractors and an anti-jam elevator ensure reliability. Marshals Service Witness Protection shotguns. That length allows for the inch barrel. My test gun only featured a sling swivel stud at the end of the magazine tube, but production models will have one at the base of the grip as well.

The gun also weighs 5. The answer? It depends. The recoil was mild, and follow-up shots were fast. The gun has a 3-inch chamber, but honestly, I had no desire to see what a 3-inch shell would feel like out of a 5. At the range, I started with the Aguila Minishells.Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments.

Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. Recent searches Clear All.

KA-1212BRB brake/breacher for .860" diameter bbl (Mossberg 500/590, others)

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Door Knockin' - Mossberg 500 Breacher Barrel Shotgun Demo with Specialist MC Peepants

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mossberg 590a1 breacher barrel

Gender Unisex See more genders. Lifestage Adult Teen. Width Length 5 to 10 Inches 10 to 15 Inches. Material Nylon. Search Product Result. Product Image. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Choose Options. Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings. Add to cart. Product Variants Selector. Average rating: 4. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. Average rating: 1 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings.

Reduced Price. Average rating: 2 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings. Explore Related Products. Hogue Collection. Mossberg gauge Shotguns.

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